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Archer Guitars

"Sound" value at a modest price is what you get with Archer. No need to pay for the "brand" when all you want is the guitar! Archer offers everything from the stunning Kasim Sulton model bass guitar, to our popular Melokia Ukuleles. Archer also offers a complete line of 4/4 and 3/4 size acoustic & classical guitars in addition to their practice amps.

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The Manhasset Specialty company began in 1935, when inventor and musician, Otto Lagervall, dissatisfied with the quality of the existing music stands and their inherent problems and shortcomings, set out to develop a better music stand. He succeeded in developing the initial Manhasset music stands. He developed his first music stands using the highest quality materials and workmanship - a tradition that continues today. Over the years, new stands and various accessory products have been added to the Manhasset line, and countless improvements have been made to the manufacturing processes. Manhasset has, however, never let go of the essential requirement demanding that quality is the highest priority. Today at Manhasset, we continue working to research and develop new and unique products to fit the needs of musicians of all ages, as well as to improve upon what has always been the finest quality line of music stands available.


Melokia translates to Melody in the Hawaiian language, and as its name describes, it offers melodious value! Designed and performance tested in the USA ... this ukulele can be yours to enjoy, just as its being enjoyed by ukulele enthusiasts nationwide! Played by entertainers and musicians ranging from TV personality Arthur Godfrey in the '50s, to George Harrison in the '60s & '70s, to modern-day virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro, ukuleles continue to impress musicians of all genres. These inspiring performers have helped make the ukulele famous, and now Melokia is bringing this unforgettable sound into your home!

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A great way to describe the new Omâlha Ukulele is joy-filled "Irresistible Fun." This beach-styled, two-tone uke was designed for all ages. From Kids to Teens to College age to Adults, the Omâlha fits the bill for fun at a price that won't break the bank. It's the perfect uke for any age to start playing … right away!

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Ravel instruments are hand crafted and backed by over 63 years of experience in the industry. Ravel offers flutes, featuring the new Ravel by Gemeinhardt model, plus piccolos, clarinets, and saxophones. Brass instruments include trumpets, single and double french horns, trombones, tubas, euphoniums, and marching brass. M. Ravel violin and cello outfits round out the line.

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As the world's drumhead specialist for over 50 years, Remo, Inc. has developed an incredibly wide variety of drumheads to fit every drumming application. Not only is a full selection of Remo heads available to meet the diverse needs of drumset players in country, jazz, rock, pop, R&B, hip-hop, Latin and every other style, Remo heads also bring advanced technologies and exceptional performance capabilities to the specialized needs to players in the marching, concert and world percussion areas. Indeed, with so many types, weights and sizes available, selecting the ideal head for any drum or situation requires an understanding of the performance levels that each head is designed to achieve.


If you're looking for a quality drum set at an entry-level price, Union offers the perfect solution. Union drum sets are designed and performance tested in the USA and come with everything needed to start playing, right out of the box. Quality drum hardware and hand percussion complete the Union drum line. Union offers products for kids through adults, for beginners to intermediate players and beyond.

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